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Meet " Mary McDonough" "AND Michael Learned" at the same event!

 Mary McDonough will be holding a great Book Signing session and will be accompanied by Michael Learned. The book signing will be taking place at The Water Stones Book Store, 72 Midsummer Place Milton Keynes MK9 3GA starting at 1.00pm on Wednesday April 26th 2017. Its the bigger of the Water Stones stores and is close to the Debenhams store. Everyone is welcome and gives you the  chance to meet both stars in the same day so please come along.

Latest Cast Interview

In the next few weeks our society will be conducting an exclusive interview with actress Rachel Longaker, who played the part of Aimee Godsey in series 8 & 9. Rachel was a very popular member of the cast and has agreed to speak with us. As a real treat to all society members, we are allowing members to submit there own questions to us to put to Rachel, she will answer as many as possible, but could i ask that we restrict each member to one question each. Many thanks for the member questions you guys sent in, Rachel has answered them and returned her interview to us, the exclusive first part of this interview will appear on this site during February 2017, dont miss it!


It is with great sadness that we learn about the death of the Waltons series creator Earl Hamner at the age of 92. Earl passed away in Los Angeles on March 24th 2016. The much loved man, created the series millions of people around the world tuned in to watch and we have a lot to thank him for. Always generous with his time he was a great friend of this society and it was my pleasure to of been in contact with him during my time with the society. He will be sadly missed and all our thoughts are with earls family and friends at this time.


On Thanks Giving Day in 1990, The Waltons Friendship Society was formed and due to the hard work of many people associated with the society, both past and present it is still here and going strong today. On Thursday November 26th 2015, we will celebrate our "Silver Anniversary" for 25 years in existance! we thank everyone who has visited the site and joined the society.


To help us celebrate this landmark we have another special announcement for everyone. We have just completed a great new cast member interview with, "Eric Scott" who played the part of "Ben Walton" in the series. This will be a 4 part interview, part 1 of which will be available to read right here on this site from Januart 2016, so only a few weeks away now. Its a great read and we thank Eric for his time and trouble. In Part 1 Eric talks about is acting career and the process of him joining the waltons, his memories about the Homecoming, how he dealt with the fan mail he recieved, as well as who were his favourite guest stars who appeared in the show, show do not miss this.


In addition to this new great cast interview we now have on our Links Page, the link which will allow everyone to now watch the superb film which was filmed even before Series 1 of The Waltons was screened called, "The Homecoming". Its superb and one to watch.

Whats Happeneing And When!

During 2017.


February:- 1st part of our exclusive interview with Rachel Longaker will appear here on this site.


March:- Our next free to members competition with a superb signed photo of Jon Walmsley who played Jason as the prize.


April:- Mary McDonough Book signing in the UK see above for details.


May:- 2nd part of our interview with Rachel Longaker.


June:- Our next competition.


July:- 3rd part of our interview with Rachel Longaker.

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One of the most successful TV series ever produced centres around the family unit and its values and the love they share for each other, and it is still shown on TV around the world even today.

When creator Earl Hamner started to write the Waltons story he could never have imagined or hoped that the series would become one of the most successful family orientated TV shows of all time, without him the Waltons story would not of existed.

Cast Interviews.

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" They Endured And They Prevailed"



Exclusive Part 3 of our great interview with Lisa Harrison is on our interviews page, right now.


Society Forum Page:- some great new comments, thanks.


Competition page:- Our December winner has been announced.


Home page:- Announcing our visit by Mary McDonough and a chance for everyone to meet with her in the UK.





On the cast interviews page you will see some great exclusive interviews with the stars of the series. Part 1 and Part 2 of the interview with the series creator Earl Hamner can be read right now. Part 3 will only be available via email and will be sent out to society members only so be sure to join up right now.


Parts 1, 2, and 3  of the Judy Norton interview are available to read now. Part 4 will only be available to be read my members enjoying exclusive access to the concluding part of the great interview, this will be sent out to all members, so join up now and dont miss out.    The brilliant Part 4 of our exclusive Interview with Judy has now been sent out via email to all current members, really hope you enjoy reading it. If you are a member and for any reason have not received it yet, simply email me and let me know and if your not currently a member and would like to receive all concluding parts to our cast interviews, simply join up as a member and they will all be sent across to you straight away, why wait!!


You can now also read an exclusive short interview given to the site by Ronnie Claire Edwards who played Corabeth Godsey.


Parts one, two and now part three of a brilliant interview with Jon Walmsley who played Jason are now also available to read plus part 1 and now part 2 of our interview with the very nice Tom Bower too, it is a great read.


Keith Coogan who played Jeffrey in series 8 has now also given an exclusive interview with our society, see below for news about when you can read what he has to say.


Lisa Harrison who played Toni who married Jason has given us a great interview, part one, part two and now part 3 of which is on the cast interview pages right now!


Keep visiting the site and to receive the concluding parts to every interview simply become a society member.


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COMPETITION No1:- The first Walton Friendship Society competition has now been drawn and won by a society member living in Yorkshire in England, see the competition page for more details and winners reaction.


Competition No2:- This competition prize is also a book written by a cast member. "My Secret Life" by Martha Nix Wade who played Serena in the series.

 Well done to our member from Kent here in the UK for being drawn out as the prize winner.


Competition No3:- Congratulations to Jane from Stroud in the Uk who is our latest prize winner and recieves a beautiful signed colour photo of Judy Norton who played Mary Ellen in the series.


Competition No4:- This was drawn in August 2015 and congratulations got to Victoria from Coventry who the signed photo of series creator Earl hamner!


Competition No5:- Congratulations go to our December 2015 competition winner who is Sheila from Cambridge who has won the superb colour action photo of Erin and Mary Ellen which has ben signed by Judy Norton, its a superb prize, well done.


Competition No6:- Congratulations go to our March 2016 competition winner who is David from Devon in the UK who has won a superb signed photo of series creator Earl Hamner.


Competition No7:- Congratulations to our August 2016 competition winner who is Alison from Essex in the UK who has won a great copy of the book on the Walton's by Earl Hamner.


Competition No8:- Congratulations to Kate from East Sussex who has won the December 2016 prize draw competition and wins a superb colour signed photo of Judy Norton who played Mary Ellen in the series.


Competition No9:- This will be drawn in March 2017 and the winner will recieve a superb colour signed photo from Jon Walmsley. To be included in this draw simply ensure your a society member by th start of March 2017, Good Luck!.



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