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Welcome Comments, On The Series And This Website.

Actress Judy Norton who played Mary Ellen in the series has this message for you all:-


"Hello and welcome to all our wonderful Waltons fans. I have no doubt our show has the best fans ever! Thank you for your continuing support for our show and our family. I hope you enjoy this new website and that it gives you a chance to get to know us all better. 




Tom Hill has been a Reporter and Producer on the BBC, ITN and SKY, he says, " From the opening bars of the theme tune to the goodnight ritual that closed every episode, the lives of the large family of dungaree-clad folks eeking out a living on Waltons' Mountain were a weekly ritual in our home in the 1970's. When my sister and i visited Canada in our early teens one of the highlights was being able to watch the show every night"


IRENE PORTER:- Irene ran the Waltons Friendship society for a long time, here is what she has to say.


Hello fellow walton admirers, well done for finding this exciting new site which will hopefully fulfill Martin's ambition of bringing some Walton cast members together with Uk followers in England. I wish the cast and Martin good luck with this venture and truly hope it will happen. I have had a wonderful 20 years running WFS and have visited Earls home town of Schuyler and Charlotessville many times as well as California and the studios.


I have lost count of the number of Waltons International Fan Club reunions and Waltons museum reunions i attended, or best of all, just how many extra special Walton events put together by Ray Castro. WFS also had a television appearance on Channel Four for the 25th UK anniversary and three theatre trips to see Richard Thomas on stage in the West End. Hard to pick an outright personal best but currently i would say being stage door guard for Ray Castro's 40th anniversary reunion in aid of Kami Cotler ( Elizabeth ) school. Meeting and greeting so many of the supporting guest actors was wonderful.


The actual show was brilliant and brimming over with actors, writers etc. This was only last September but already members of the extended Walton family have passed away. This is the sad part the ever lengthening list of deceased people who either made the series or loved it. 


So folks if you would like to see a UK cast reunion try and think of a way to get sponsorship for it. WFS originally fulfilled its ambitions of gathering all the Walton info together ( no internet back then with everything at your finger tip ) and having the series repeated, three 1980's end movies screened here in the UK. So it can happen, go for it. The Waltons will endure through all of time because it is perfectly crafted. Goodnight all.


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COMPETITION No1:- The first Walton Friendship Society competition has now been drawn and won by a society member living in Yorkshire in England, see the competition page for more details and winners reaction.


Competition No2:- This competition prize is also a book written by a cast member. "My Secret Life" by Martha Nix Wade who played Serena in the series.

 Well done to our member from Kent here in the UK for being drawn out as the prize winner.


Competition No3:- Congratulations to Jane from Stroud in the Uk who is our latest prize winner and recieves a beautiful signed colour photo of Judy Norton who played Mary Ellen in the series.


Competition No4:- This was drawn in August 2015 and congratulations got to Victoria from Coventry who the signed photo of series creator Earl hamner!


Competition No5:- Congratulations go to our December 2015 competition winner who is Sheila from Cambridge who has won the superb colour action photo of Erin and Mary Ellen which has ben signed by Judy Norton, its a superb prize, well done.


Competition No6:- Congratulations go to our March 2016 competition winner who is David from Devon in the UK who has won a superb signed photo of series creator Earl Hamner.


Competition No7:- Congratulations to our August 2016 competition winner who is Alison from Essex in the UK who has won a great copy of the book on the Walton's by Earl Hamner.


Competition No8:- Congratulations to Kate from East Sussex who has won the December 2016 prize draw competition and wins a superb colour signed photo of Judy Norton who played Mary Ellen in the series.


Competition No9:- This will be drawn in March 2017 and the winner will recieve a superb colour signed photo from Jon Walmsley. To be included in this draw simply ensure your a society member by th start of March 2017, Good Luck!.



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